Jevan Sati - Your life partner search simplified with matrimonial sites

Jevan mean life and sati means partner. So jevan sati refers to a life partner. Marriages were once considered sacred and were fixed only by the elders of the family. Although the tradition still follows in most of India but it is slowly getting a zest of western spices. Marriages that were performed by elders usually took a long time mainly because they took their time to find the right spouse and meet the families personally. So both spouses were generally from the same city. But today with the help of the internet it has become easier and much faster to find a spouse not only from the same city but worldwide. There are many matrimonial sites out there that list and classify the members based on their gender, age, cast, place of residence and some even list the manglik status of the person. So all you have to do is find the right indian matrimonial site and perform a search based on your criteria and you have plenty of matches. Some of the matches will have photographs and if your interested in the match you can contact him/her and find out if you both can be each other's jevan sati (life partners). Many of the indian matrimonial sites have sub-sites based on castes such as christian matrimonials, hindu matrimonials, muslim matrimonials, sikh matrimonials, punjabi matrimonials, jainism matrimonials, etc. So find the right one and your ready to go.

Tips on finding the right matrimonial site:

  • Size: Many (almost all) matrimonial sites allow the user to browse through their site without registering or creating an account. Browse through the sites and see which one has more members in your search. (Use advanced search for more precise results).
  • Features: With technology evolving everyday we get to see a new feature everyday. Many matrimonial sites now support video chat on their site which will help you know each other better rather than just text chat or voice chat. Look for features which may help you and shortlist all the sites which have them.
  • Price: The most important factor price. Prices are going to vary from site to site. based on many factors such as size and features. Don't be hesistant to pay a dollar or two more if you getting more matches and features. Because in the long run that extra dollar might just help you find a perfect match faster than another site on which it may take a month or two more.

Finding your jevan sati (life partner) is not an easy task. So be prepared to spend some time and if done right it will be an memorable experience. is an independant site is not affiliated with any matrimonial site.